Our school is one of the oldest schools in Lithuania. We celebrated our 100th year anniversary on 9 October 2015. Surviving various reorganizations, today's progymnasium-type school is proud of its rich, colourful past and deep traditions. Many famous and honorable people, such as A. Smetona, A. Stulginskis, J. Vileišis, R. Balaišis, J. Daktaraitienė, S. Ivanauskas and B. Katinienė used to work here and greatly contributed to well-being at our school. Moreover, the Minister of Education G. Steponavičius, writer J. Ivanauskaitė, actor G. Storpirštis, Commander in Chief of the Police V. Telyčėnas, journalist A. Nugaraitė, Members of the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) A. Sysas, K. Glaveckas and G. Babravičius used to study here.

There is a long history of advanced mathematics classes at Antanas Vienuolis progymnasium, paying a particular attention to enhanced teaching of mathematics. We have produced a number of competition winners or prizewinners of The Republican Olympiads in mathematics throughout many different cities.

We are proud to be located at the heartland of Vilnius City – Old Town of Vilnius. Antanas Vienuolis progymnasium is located next to the Gates of Dawn, and hence all the main historical attractions and places of interest are at your fingertips and may be easily reached on foot – we often organize walks through the Old Town of Vilnius and explore its history, learn and discover new things... The beauty of the Old Town with ancient church towers of Vilnius may be appreciated just by viewing out of the windows of our school. The view itself is very inspirational, it makes you feel a strong sense of pride for sitting in the classroom where Vilnius is just under your feet – all you have to do is study, develop and conquer it with your own knowledge!

The greatest strengths of our progymnasium are deep traditions, rich history, attention and respect for current and former educators as well as beautiful, cozy and welcoming environment.